Monday, November 24, 2008


Okay, them cards have been sitting there long enough. Time to be blogging. We've had some stuff going on the last few days. Of note was the Ebony and Ivory poetry reading held at Wendy's in Placencia on Saturday night the 22nd, featuring two powerful women - Angela Gegg and Adele Ramos. Wow!!! is all we could say. Made us who write poetry get all excited all over again, and the outcome? Well Lita Krohn of the PPAA said she would publish an anthology for us peninsula poets if we got the material together!!!!! And Barn of As The Coconuts Drop blogspot will take the photos for us for the anthology!!! We want to put a photo of each poet along with their work. Super cool!! There was an open mike after the Ebony & Ivory readings and we enjoyed a poem from Mariko Wallen and yours truly. Mine was called "Life On The Peninsula". The appetizer buffet put out by Wendy was fabulous, man they had some conch fritters there, whew I was ashamed to be going back for thirds but then I saw everybody was doing the same!! And for fourths too!! Anyway, here's some pics...

Paul from the PPAA, Adele Ramos and Angela Gegg

Nichelle of the PPAA who did a lovely job with the decor, and the gorgeous Theo - James Bond for 2028!!

The loco bunch - Rafa (stooping), Lola, Jose and Iso

Then there was Garifuna Settlement Day on the 19th, I didn't get out to take photos alas, I was so busy, but I got Iso in her beautiful Garifuna dress...

And my god-daughter Finita (in pink) and a friend.

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Proshka said...

Hey Lola, this is Angela Gegg, great blog and I hope you are enjoying ur book ;-)
I have added to my list of fave blogs on my blog

It was a blessing to meet such a talented artist
Angela Gegg