Thursday, December 25, 2008


Had a lot of family and friends over to visit this morning, and guests from the resorts too, came to the gallery. It's a really beautiful sunny day, cool Caribbean breeze blowing. Merry Christmas all!

My son Charles, me and George, who was hiding his face because he got it scratched up in a car accident a few days ago.

We got him to put his hand down!

Rafael harassing Santa for his saxophone!

My son has a new car.

Master BibiCat Esq has a new basket. He loves it!

A new series I'm doing, miniatures on wood. This is the first one of a series of about 8.

Four Ladies on driftwood.

1 comment:

Dawnette said...

It was so great to meet you a few weeks ago. We love the beach you created for us and can't wait to see Midge & Aaron's house!
Thank you for everything...can't wait to see you on my next visit!