Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Grandson Kameron scarfing johnnycakes and cheese after a hard day's work with his Tonka truck.

Disgusting baby!

Rafa just before takeoff on Steve's bike.
Rafa's latest creation.
The mango tree my son Charles planted when he was twelve years old. It shot up and when it reached as tall as he was it stopped growing. We used to tease him and tell him the tree was waiting for him to grow so it could grow too. Then category 4 hurricane Iris came in 2001 and broke the tree halfway down the trunk. We thought it was a goner but we never did pull up the broken trunk and guess what? It started growing again six months later! Well now 8 years later it is finally bearing fruit and is loaded down with baby mangoes! Took awhile but now it's doing fine.
Beautiful bougainvillea - the blossoms are varicolored - white with light green and light pink.

The vine my friend Jose gave me last year is looking lovely too!

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Happy New Year to all! Hoping that this will be a better year for all of us, the last one was a bit of a bummer.

Here I am with this totally spoiled puss, he loves to be carried around and I'm afraid we indulge him. Although it's hard to ignore him when he wants to be picked up, he sets about 92 claws in your ankles if you don't pay him any attention.

I finally wore my Christmas vest, it's colorful like my art!

Rafael also spoils this cat, well, his ankles are bonier than mine so I guess he would be foolish to ignore this puss when he wants attention.
My god-daughter Finita (black blouse) and a friend came to wish me Happy New Year.

After packing in his New Year dinner Master BibiCat Esq. is putting in his 18 hour shift of sleep.

Another of the new miniatures.